Conseil Constitutionnel — General Part — Human rights issues

Date Citation Note
30.05.2000 2000-429 DC
  • Act to promote equal access of women and men to electoral mandates and elective offices
05.05.1998 98-399 DC
  • Aliens (Entry and Residence in France and Right of Asylum) Act
  • Courts acting “in the name of the French people” being violated
16.07.1996 96-377 DC
  • Act to strengthen enforcement measures to combat terrorism and violence against holders of public office or public service functions and to enact measures relating to the criminal investigation police
27.07.1994 94-343/344 DC
  • Respect for Human Body Act and Donation and Use of Parts and Products of the Human Body, Medically Assisted Reproduction and Prenatal Diagnosis Act
13.08.1993 93-325 DC
  • Act on the control of immigration and conditions of entry, reception and residence for aliens in France
  • Conditions for entry and residence of aliens in France
  • Right to family reunification
  • Right of asylum
  • Respect for essential principles of individual freedom
  • Social rights of aliens
20.07.1993 93-321 DC
  • Code of Nationality (Reform) Act
  • Principle of equality
  • Principle of proportionality
  • Principle of the indivisibility of the Republic
  • Violation of a fundamental principle recognised by the laws of the Republic
02.09.1992 92-312 DC
  • Treaty on European Union
  • Maastricht treaty
  • Right to vote and stand at municipal elections
  • Treaty depriving Parliament of certain powers
  • Third stage of economic and monetary union
  • Entry and movement of persons
  • Power to adapt the Constitution to the European integration
25.02.1992 92-307 DC
  • Act amending Ordinance 45-2658 of 2 November 1945 on the conditions for entry and residence of aliens in France (as amended)
  • Respect for the right of asylum
  • Respect for individual freedom
23.07.1991 91-293 DC
  • Public Service (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
  • Violation of an international commitment and of article 55 of the Constitution
  • Constitutional principle reserving access to public employment for person having French nationality