Conseil d'Etat — General Part — Administrative powers and judicial control; ultra vires

Date Citation Note
05.03.1999 D. 1999, 627 Case Président de l’Assemblée nationale Disputed decisions relating to contracts entered into the name of the State for services to the Houses of Parliament may be subjected to judicial control.
03.02.1999 A.J.D.A. 1999, 567 Case M. Montaignac The notion of "linked jurisdiction" only applies where the facts are so compelling as to mandate a decision from the Administration, and in such a case the Administration takes this decision without any independent assessment of these facts.
27.10.1995 CE, Ass., 27 Octobre 1995, p. 372 Case Commune de Morsang-sur-Orge Police
Public order
Dignity of human beings
18.11.1994 A.J.D.A. 1995, 159 Case Société "Clichy Dépannage" When the Conseil d'Etat judges in its capacity of "judge of cassation" (over legal issues), it will not control "manifest error of assessment" (of the administrative act's legality).
13.05.1992 J.C.P. 1992, IV, 1930 Case Commune d'Ivry-sur-Seine In the special case of a contract between two government agencies for the purpose of providing public services, the judge has the power to void the measures takenby one of the parties in breach of the contract.
20.03.1991 A.J.D.A. 1991, 651 Case Commune du Port The Conseil d'Etat accepted to review the decision by which a prefect, after having ordered a survey prior to a declaration for a compulsory purchase in the public interest, then refused to make such a declaration.
02.11.1973 D. 1974, 432 Case Société anonyme « Librairie François Maspéro » Discretionary powers granted to the minister of the Interior in respect of the circulation, distribution and sale of imported publication may be submitted to the courts for limited review.
28.05.1971 Rec., 409 CE, Ass., 28 mai 1971, p. 409 Case Ministre de l'Equipment et Logement c. Fédération de défense des personnes concernées par le projet actuellement dénommé v. Ville Nouvelle Est Compulsory purchase
Notion of public need
Control by the court of ultra vires
17.02.1950 Rec., 110 Case Minister of Agriculture c. Madame Lamotte Action for ultra vires
19.05.1933 Rec., 541 Case Benjamin Police
Freedom of assembly
06.12.1907 Rec., 64 Case Institution Notre- Dame du Kreisker Whereas administrative circulars that merely interpret the texts in force cannot be subject to judicial control, circulars which have the nature of a regulation can be submitted to administrative courts.
06.12.1907 D. 1909, III, 57 Case Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de l’Est Decrees issued by the Government pursuant to powers delegated by the legislature still emanate from an administrative
authority and as such remain subjected to judicial control.
04.08.1905 Rec.,. 749 Case Martin Action for ultra vires
29.05.1901 Rec., 333 Case Casanova Action for ultra vires
Cause of action