Conseil d'Etat — General Part — State liability — Negligence

Date Citation Note
06.11.2002 Case M. G. Civil Service
Maintaining a civil servant in activity on full pay but without a role for more than eleven years amounts to a fault which imposes liability on the State
28.06.2002 Références manquantes Case Garde des Sceaux c. M. Magiera Unreasonable length of proceedings before administrative courts infringes art. 6, 1 of the ECHR and imposes liability on the State for all damages suffered as a result.
12.04.2002 Case Papon Fault committed by the Service and personal fault
The active co-operation, amounting to inexcusable behaviour, afforded by M. Papon between 1942 and 1944 in the arrest and internment of persons of Jewish origin who were deported to and died in concentration camps has the nature of personal fault
This added its effects to those resulting from the acts of the French civil service,which allowed and facilitated the operations which led up to the deportation
Acts which amount to a fault committed by the Service which involves the liabilityof the State
18.02.2002 Références manquantes
Case Groupe Norbert Dentressangle
The State only incurs liability for the harm suffered as a result of public auditing of insurance companies in case of gross negligence.
30.11.2001 n° 219562 Case Ministre de l’Economie, des Finances et de l’Industrie c. M. ou Mme Kechichian et autres Supervisory activity
Banking Commission
Gross negligence
30.11.2001 AJDA, 2001, p. 1039
Case Ministre de la Défense, Ministre de l’Economie, des Finances et de l’Industrie c. M. Diop
A decision by the Ministry of Defence not to increase the pension of an ex member of Armed Forces — albeit grounded on a legislative disposition — may be held void if it creates, in violation of art. 14 of the ECHR, a discrimination between ex public agents according to whether or not they hold French nationality.
21.06.2001 DA, nov. 2000, p. 33
Case Ministre de l’Equipement, des Transports et du Logement c. Commune de Roque-Brune-Cap-Marin
The State only incurs liability for a préfet’s failure to submit to the administrative courts a local authority’s decision where such a failure amounts to gross negligence.
06.10.2000 RFDA 17 (1), janv-fév. 2001, p. 152
Case Ministre de l’Intérieur c. Commune de St-Florent et autres
The State only incurs liability for a préfet’s failure to promptly order the dissolution of a trade union organization where the delay in acting amounts to gross negligence.
21.02.2000 DA, juin 2000, p. 22
Case M. Vogel
The State incurs liability for failure to take within reasonable time measures necessary to implement in New Caledonia the Health System voted in Parliament for civil servants where the plaintiff provides as a certainty proof of a direct damage caused as a result.
29.12.1999 Lebon 1999, p. 436
Case La Communauté urbaine de Lille
The local authorities formed by the City of Lille and neighbouring towns incurs liability for the harm suffered as a result of the Fire Brigade’s gross negligence.
16.06.1999 Dr. Fisc., 1999, 855
Case M. Tripot
The harm personally suffered by the owner of a company as a result of the Tax authorities’ gross negligence may justify the award of damages where there is a direct link between the faulty behaviour and the wrong suffered.
11.06.1999 DA, 1999, août-sept., no 235, p. 31
Case SCI et SARL Barateau
Application to the Conseil d’Etat for review of a collateral issue relating to the State liability of an administrative court of appeal’s decision that had held in favour of the applicant may not be examined where the application was made outside the time limit allowed for appeal and after the other party had given up his right to appeal.
25.11.1998 DA, janv. 1999, no 13, p. 21
Case Mme Peyrard
Loss of a chance resulting from an illegal administrative decision may only constitute a legitimate head of damage where the loss is sufficiently certain.
13.11.1998 Inédit au Recueil Lebon
Case M. Bavoil
The State incurs liability for damages caused by an illegal annulled decision.
29.12.1997 Rec., 512 Case Commune d’Arcueil Taxation Services
Gross negligence except if no special difficulty
20.06.1997 Rec., 253 Case Theux Emergency medical service
29.03.1946 S. 1947, III, 73
Case Caisse départementale d’assurances sociales de Meurthe-et-Moselle
Local authorities are liable for damages caused as a result of their gross negligence in their supervisory duty over financial bodies.
14.01.1935 S. 1935, III, 17
Case Thepaz
Even where a civil servant has been convicted by criminal courts, his actions do not necessarily constitute a personal fault.
10.02.1905 Rec., 139 Case Tomaso-Grecco Liability of public authorities
Police services