Conseil d'Etat — General Part — State liability — Liability for hospitals

Date Citation Note
26.10.2001 no198546 Case Mme X Transfusion against the wishes of the patient
Medical error
17.05.2000 Inédit au Recueil Lebon
Case Centre Hospitalier Regional de Montpellier
The State incurs liability for the harm suffered as a result of a State hospital’s faulty behaviour.
29.03.2000 RFDA, 16 (4), juill-août 2000, p. 850
Case Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris
Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris to which Avicenne Hospital is attached is liable for damages towards a patient who contracted the Hepatitis C virus after a blood transfusion at Avicenne Hospital.
05.01.2000 Rec., 5 Case Consorts Telle, APHP Information of the patient
Compensation for lost opportunity
03.11.1997 Rec., 412 Case Hôpital Joseph Imbert d’Arles Strict liability on the basis of risk
Medical interventions
20.06.1997 Rec., 253 Case Theux Emergency medical service
14.02.1997 Rec., 44 Case CHR de Nice c. Epoux Quarez Information on the results of an examination or a test
Loss caused to the mother
Absence of loss caused to the child
26.05.1995 Rec., 221 Case Consorts Nguyen, Jouan, Consorts Pavan Strict liability of blood transfusion centres
09.04.1993 Rec., 126 Case Bianchi When procedure required for diagnosis or treatment involves a known risk, the public hospital service is liable where such procedure is the direct cause of very grave damage unrelated to the initial condition of the patient or its probable development.
10.04.1992 Rec., 171 Case Epoux V Liability
Medical and surgery services