Cour de Cassation — Contract Law — Formation: Cause

Date Citation Note
21.06.2005 Bull.civ. 2005.I, no. 270, p. 225 First Civil Chamber, (pourvoi no. 04-10.673)  
03.02.1999 D. 1999, 267 Case Mme X v. M. Y

Subsequent developments
A settlement agreement may be held valid even though the donor's predominant purpose was to maintain his adulterous relationship with the donee.
07.10.1998 D. 1998, 563 Case Malvezin v. Mme Grostabussiat

Subsequent developments
A contract may be held void for illegality where only the party seeking to rely on it had an illegal purpose in entering it
22.10.1996 D. 1997, 121 Case Société Banchereau v. Société Chronopost

Subsequent developments
If the obligation unperformed is an essential one, a clause limiting liability may be held ineffective although the breach itself is not deliberate or gross.
12.07.1989 J.C.P. 1990, II, 21546 Case Pirmamod v. Guichard J.C.P. 1990, II, 21546

Subsequent developments
A contract of sale may be held void where the buyer’s predominant purpose was, to the knowledge of the seller, to use the goods in a criminal manner.