Cour de Cassation — Contract Law — Damages — Extent of compensation

Date Citation Note
08.12.1981 Bull. civ. III, no. 206 Case SCI Lacouture v. Entreprises Caceres

Subsequent developments
When a complainant is found to have contributed to the damage caused, lower courts are free to decide the extent to which each party is liable for the damage.
18.09.1936 G.P. 1936, II, 893 Case Société cultuelle de secours israélite de Saint-Fons v. Barouk Bittoum

Subsequent developments
A butcher who had promised a religious group not to handle non-kosher meat was held liable for material and moral damage to the group, although no such meat was sold to any of its members; the full amount of damages arguably provided for in the contract was not, however, awarded.
20.01.1930 G.P. 1930, I, 413 Case Delville et ses fils v. Habasque

Subsequent developments
Although the fire insurance policy which the defendant agent was retained to procure for his principal was defective in the sense that the insurer could probably repudiate it, should a fire occur, the negligent agent was not liable for the premiums paid, since no fire had yet occurred.