Cour de Cassation — Tort Law — Liability of own (faulty) conduct — Fault and acceptance of risks

Date Citation Note
21.07.1982 D. 1982, 449JCP 1982 II 19861 Case Desmares v. Charles

Subsequent developments
15.05.1972 D. 1972, 606 Case Rochman v. Durand

Subsequent developments
No fault committed by the author of an accident occurring during a game of football, if the author respected the rules of the game, and did not behave abnormally or in an intentionally untimely manner
01.12.1965 JCP 1966. 2. 14567 Case Baier v. Serafinowski

Subsequent developments
Culpable blunder of a child which involuntarily injures a friend: the acceptance of the risk associated with a game does not exclude civil liability
Culpable negligence of the father of the child who caused the injury through his failure to supervise, even though the accident was foreseeable