Cour de Cassation — Tort Law — Liability of own (faulty) conduct — Abuse of rights

Date Citation Note
04.02.1971 JCP 1971. 2. 16781 Case Epoux Vullion v. Société immobilière Vernet- Christophe

Subsequent developments
The owner’s right to enjoy his property in the most absolute manner not prohibited by law or regulation is subject to his obligation not to cause damage to the property of anyone else which exceeds the normal incommodities of neighbourhood
03.08.1915 DP 1917. 1. 79 Case Coquerel v. Clément-Bayard

Subsequent developments
Right to fence one’s property (here 16 metres high surmounted by metal spikes, an installation which was of no use for the management of the owner’s land) and was undertaken simply in order to harm the neighbour