Cour de Cassation — Tort Law — Damage — Extent of compensation

Date Citation Note
17.05.1995 Bull. Civ. 1995.II, no.142, p.81. Case Cassagne v. Le Maire de Beaulieu sur mer

Subsequent developments
Even though the risk of rocks falling onto the purchased villa was inherent in the land, damages may be awarded to compensate for the depreciation in value of the villa since the dates when the risk was realized and the falls of rocks occurred.
15.12.1971 Bull. Civ. 1971.II., no.345, p.253 Case Société Azolacq v. Gracy

Subsequent developments
The cost of resettlement may be compensated when it constitutes a direct and certain consequence of the current discomfort experienced.
06.10.1966 D.1967.5 Case Société générale du Gaz v. Massicot

Subsequent developments
When a vehicle has been damaged in a road accident, compensation may be given for the cost of the repairs as well as for the diminution of the resale value of the vehicle.