Advocacy Courses

A variety of courses are offered combining basic theory and techniques, client and case management skills, practical interdisciplinary experiences and the philosophy behind the art of persuasion.

A few of the advocacy courses:

Advocacy Survey
Introductory advocacy course providing first-time exposure to trial skills, ADR, voir dire and more.

Intensive Litigation Advocacy Skills
Rigorous and competitive advocacy training course; students try several cases throughout the semester.

Advocacy Practice and Theory for the New Millennium
Advanced advocacy course meshing traditional and innovative advocacy theory and practice.

Evidence for Litigators
Evidence course focused on the application of the rules in litigation and on current issues in evidence law.

Advocacy Short Courses
One or two credit hour courses drilling in on very specific advocacy skills and/or practice areas.

Related Courses
In addition to the courses above, Texas Law offers a number of courses in related areas which may be of interest to students of Advocacy.

Advocacy Information for First-Year Students

Advocacy Information for Second- and Third-Year Students