1L Advocacy Opportunities

While the Advocacy Program courses are available only to upper level law students, there are several opportunities for first-year law students to begin developing advocacy skills. 1Ls can be members and assistant officers of the Board of Advocates student organization, can serve as witnesses and bailiffs for intramural and interscholastic advocacy competitions, and can participate in the Advocacy Program’s free workshops (especially our 1L Public Speaking Workshop in February).

How to Get Involved

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Board of Advocates

A group of student members of the Board of Advocates

All students interested in competing or developing advocacy skills are welcome to join the BOA.

The Board of Advocates is a student-run honorary advocacy organization composed of the best student advocates at Texas Law. The BOA promotes the development of all law students’ practical skills, in both oral and written advocacy, through practice and participation in mock trial, moot court, and other competitions.

The BOA organizes all intramural advocacy competitions at the law school (except for the 1L moot court which is run by the Legal Research and Writing Program). The BOA also hosts several lunchtime networking and educational events where practicing lawyers and judges come to campus to discuss advocacy-related careers. At the end of the spring semester, the BOA also hosts a prestigious awards banquet to honor the students who have excelled in advocacy during the year, to present advocacy scholarships to students who have earned them, and to thank the many attorneys and judges who have given their time to our students.

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