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All dayTexas Environmental Law Journal Spring Cite-On

Texas Environmental Law Journal (TELJ) will be holding their Spring Cite-On event from Monday, January 23rd through Sunday, January 30th at noon. TELJ is a biannual journal with articles, student notes, and developments in environmental and natural-resource law. Members of TELJ have the opportunity to connect with the environmental legal community, refine their bluebook skills, and get to know fellow law students who are interested in environmental law.

If you are interested in participating in Cite-On, please go to or send a request for an application via email to

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9:00am1:30pmFDA at 20: Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of the Fair Defense Act

The Past: A roundtable conversation about public defense in Texas before passage of the FDA, how the act was passed, and early progress after adoption of the law.

The Present: A series of 5-minute presentations highlighting current issues in public defense including: Urban and Rural Public Defender Offices, Managed Assigned Counsel Systems, Mentoring, Counsel at First Appearance, Immigration Representation, Oversight of Public Defense, Public Defense Funding, Community Engagement

The Future: A panel discussion about the future of public defense defense in Texas.

Registration for the event is now open! Register at

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