Events Calendar

Calendar Feeds and Downloads

You can use the three large buttons below to either subscribe to or download the latest Texas Law Events Calendar information to your favorite desktop or web-based calendar tool. The iCalendar and .ics feeds include upcoming event information for the next full year, and the RSS feed pulls in data for the next 60 upcoming events at a time.

What’s an iCalendar feed?

  • iCalendar is a format ideal for Microsoft Outlook (version 2007 and newer), Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and any other calendaring software that supports standard iCalendar, ics, or webcal feeds.
  • You can subscribe by clicking an iCalendar button and then choosing to open it with your preferred calendar application.
  • Once subscribed, your calendar software will periodically update itself with the latest events on the live UT Law Events Calendar.

What’s an .ics file?

  • The .ics links on this page allow you to download a snapshot of events as they appear on the current calendar
  • This format, a newer version of the .vcs (vCalendar) type of file, is a standard format recognized by most modern calendar software.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the .ics file, double-click it or use your software's Open or Import commands to add the data to your calendar.
  • Unlike the iCalendar feed, this data will not automatically update your desktop calendar unless your software supports such a feature.

What’s an RSS feed?

  • RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) is an easy way to get a website’s latest information without having to visit the site directly, most often seen as a feature on blogs and news sites.
  • You can use these RSS feeds to subscribe to calendar information using reader software such as Google Reader, NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, or your favorite web browser.