Alexandra Bistline

Former Student/Alumni

The Actual Innocence Clinic was one of the most beneficial experiences I had in law school. Actual Innocence is a difficult and challenging area of the law, but the ability to be a part of the process aimed at freeing an innocent individual who was wrongfully convicted is incredibly rewarding. Actual Innocence students have the chance to be the driving force in moving cases forward for those who would otherwise be without an advocate in the system. The clinic also gave me an excellent introduction into the realities of the workplace — managing case loads, providing recommendations, conferring with clients, navigating the legal system and the multiple agencies that the clinic depends on to move a case forward, answering emails, and more. These are the tasks that make up the majority of a young lawyer’s workload, and having this foundation as I moved into my career at a law firm was invaluable. Importantly, the Director of the Actual Innocence Clinic is there to mentor you every step of the way – teaching you not only about how to navigate the Actual Innocence process, but also about how to manage your case load and treat your clients, whoever they might be, with compassion and respect.