Clinic Eligibility and Enrollment Chart

Students who have completed their first two semesters and are in good academic standing are eligible to apply for all clinical courses. All courses require an application and enrollment is limited. Clinics are often over-subscribed, particularly in the spring term. Interested students should apply during early registration to maximize the chance of being admitted.

CoursesFall 2024 CreditsSpring 2025 Credits
Actual Innocence Clinic66
Capital Punishment Clinic
(Pre-requisite/co-requisite required)
Children’s Rights Clinic66
Civil Rights Clinic66
Criminal Defense Clinic66
Disability Rights Clinic44
Domestic Violence Clinic6
Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic66
Environmental Clinic66
Housing Policy Clinic6
Housing Clinic4
Human Rights Clinic6
Immigration Clinic66
Juvenile Justice Clinic6
Law and Religion Clinic66
Supreme Court Clinic66
Transnational Worker Rights Clinic66

For details about internships, review the Internship Eligibility and Enrollment Chart.

For questions, contact the Clinical Program Manager Christina Dost at