Internship Eligibility and Enrollment Information

Students must be in good academic standing to enroll in an internship, and all courses require an application (available on each internship page, for details review the application information page).

Internship Eligibility and Enrollment Chart
Courses Fall 2022 CreditsSummer 2023 CreditsSpring 2023 Credits
Judicial Internship 4 or 534 or 5
Legislative Internship 4
Prosecution Internship545
Public Service Internship 244
Semester in Practice Internship1010
Federal Public Defender Internship 1 22
U.S. Attorney Internship 122
1 Pre-requisite/co-requisite recommended. Requires a two semester commitment. Applications for 2023-24 will open in March 2023.
2 Including legislative placements.

For questions, contact Christina Dost, Senior Program Coordinator, at or Eden Harrington, Associate Dean of Experiential Education, at