Resources for Internship Supervisors

Thank you for serving as a supervising attorney or judge for Texas Law students in an academic internship. Internships allow students to put classroom instruction and theory into action, and you play an important role in preparing them for the effective and ethical practice of law. We recognize that student supervision takes time and effort, and we greatly appreciate your commitment to the endeavor.

Our internships operate in accordance with the detailed requirements of the American Bar Association Standards for Approval of Law Schools, specifically Standard 304. Because students receive academic credit, the expectation is that an intern will have a rigorous educational experience.

Working with students

This website provides resources we hope you will find helpful in working with students. If you would like more information about any topic or have comments, please contact Eden Harrington, Associate Dean for Experiential Education (

Gus Maxwell, '19, and Senator Jose Rodriguez.
Gus Maxwell and Senator Jose Rodriguez.