Application Information

Students must be in good academic standing to enroll in a clinic, and all courses require an application. Clinical courses generally fill up, so interested students should apply as soon as possible.

Please consult the Eligibility and Enrollment Information page for information about course offerings, credit, and prerequisites.

The initial deadline for Fall 2019 applications has passed.
Additional applications will be considered on a rolling basis if seats remain (see below). 

Summer 2019 Clinic application review is closed. 

All application materials are submitted electronically.  Questions about the application process should be directed to the Associate Dean for Experiential Education, Eden Harrington, at

You must complete:

You must also upload the following materials with your online clinic application:

You may apply for one, two or three clinics, and you must rank them on the General Clinic Application in order of preference. Apply only to clinics in which you are prepared to enroll. If you are accepted into a clinic,  your name will not stay on the waitlist for the other clinics.

NOTE: Do not use this form to apply for an advanced clinic. For rules about advanced clinic and application instructions visit the SAO page on advanced clinics.

Students will be notified when the clinic admission decisions have been made. Clinics are not part of the online early registration system. Each student admitted to a clinic must add it during the next available add/drop period and adjust his or her schedule. At the end of the applicable add/drop period, students admitted to a clinic will be dropped from any conflicting classes.

Students not admitted to a clinic during early registration may apply subsequently if spots remain available.

Summer Clinic

Students interested in the summer Transnational Worker Rights Clinic should submit the separate summer application form. Application review for the summer will begin in April and students will be admitted on a rolling basis until the clinic is full. For Fall Clinic applications, use the General Clinic Application link above.

Clinic Status

Clinics Accepting Applications - open only
Clinics Accepting Applications for Fall 2019
Children's Rights Clinic
Criminal Defense Clinic
Clinics Only Accepting Applications for Waitlist
Clinics that are full for Fall 2019. Some clinics may accept a limited number of applications for a waitlist.
Actual Innocence Clinic
Capital Punishment Clinic
Civil Rights Clinic
Domestic Violence Clinic
Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic
Environmental Clinic
Human Rights Clinic
Immigration Clinic
Supreme Court Clinic
Transnational Worker Rights Clinic

For questions contact Eden Harrington, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning,