Advanced Clinic

Advanced Clinic is designed to permit students to be awarded academic credit under two distinct circumstances:

  1. Continued clinical participation involving activities of the same type usually involved in the particular clinic performed between semesters or at another time during which the organized clinical program is not functioning. Such participation is designed to maintain the flow and continuity in the ongoing caseload of the clinic; or
  2. Advanced participation in existing cases of the clinical program by a second-semester student.

Advanced Clinic is appropriate only for these situations. It is not to be used to develop and award credit for work done on cases that are not part of an organized clinical offering, nor is it to be used to develop informal clinical arrangements involving student work on cases not an integral part of regular clinical offering.

Advanced Clinic registration forms must be submitted before registering for the course. Submitting the form does not constitute registration for the course.

Advanced Clinic Policies

  1. Advanced Clinic credit may be awarded only to students who have already completed a particular clinic for further work participation in between semesters, or in a second semester on especially difficult cases that are part of the caseload of the clinic.
  2. An Advanced Clinic project must be supervised by a faculty member regularly engaged in legal clinical education.
  3. Approximately sixty hours of participation by the student is required for each hour of credit awarded.
  4. No more than an aggregate of three hours credit for Advanced Clinic may be awarded to a student during a law school career.
  5. An Advanced Clinic project must be approved in advance by the supervising faculty member.
  6. Advanced Clinic is graded pass/fail.