Supreme Court Clinic

Students in the Supreme Court Clinic work closely with faculty members on cases before the United States Supreme Court. Students assist in representing clients who are seeking review of lower court decisions or who have cases before the Supreme Court following grants of certiorari. Students conduct in-depth research and draft briefs such as petitions for certiorari, briefs in opposition, reply briefs, amicus briefs, and merits briefs. Through introductory classes and casework, students gain firsthand knowledge of Supreme Court procedures and practice.


Cases and Projects

Parker Drilling Mgmt. Servs., Ltd. v. Newton, No. 18-389 (merits brief for respondent filed March 22, 2019)

Question Presented: Should “applicable” and “not inconsistent” in the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act be interpreted according to their ordinary meanings, such that California’s Labor Code, which is both “relevant, suitable, and fit” and not “incompatible” with the Fair Labor Standards Act, applies to employee compensation for drilling activities on the Outer Continental Shelf?

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