SMNR: Law, Business & Economics Workshop

This is a speaker-based workshop. Students will receive writing credit. We will read academic papers in the broad area of "law and economics and empirical legal scholarship," and hear them presented by their authors. The usual workshop format will be: (i) a students-only 20 minute overview of the paper and related literature by the speaker and Professor Black; (ii) an 80- minute "faculty workshop" in which the speaker presents the paper for 20 or so minutes, and the balance of the time will principally involve questions from the faculty who attend the workshop; followed by (iii) a roughly 30-minute students-only question period, to provide an opportunity for each student to ask questions of the speaker. A majority of the class weeks will involve outside speaker presentations; the others will involve internal UT speakers and possibly occasional lectures on selected topics in law and economics. Students will prepare a single page containing several questions for each paper before each workshop and write either a term paper or, if they prefer, a number of shorter reaction papers, in which they address an issue raised by a particular workshop paper. The term paper or reaction papers will require research and should total at least 25 pages. Regular attendance is expected. Evaluation will be based on a combination of participation in the workshop, the quality of the questions prepared for each paper, and the writing, quality of research, and substantive quality reflected the research papers.

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Monday 3:30 - 6:00 pm TNH 3.127
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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Black, Bernard S Black, Bernard S