Advocacy Survey: Skills

Class Unique: 28205
This class has a mandatory evening skills component and students must register for both the lecture and evening skills portion of the class. Advocacy survey is designed for beginning advocacy students who are interested in gaining exposure to all areas of advocacy. The course covers topics such as the art and theory of persuasion, motion practice, alternative dispute resolution, trial techniques and courtroom technology. By combining theory through the lecture sessions with technique training in periodic skills sessions, students are able to practice what they learn. Students get hands-on practice in areas such as opening and closing statements, the use and relevance of technology in litigation, voir dire, motion practice, and other general persuasive techniques. Students will see a case file from pretrial motions, ADR, arbitration, voir dire and trial. During the semester, using all their persuasive knowledge, students will try a case. This is a 4-credit class (1 credit pass/fail, 3 credits graded). This course has 16 spaces open to 1Ls. The remainder of spaces are restricted to upperclass students. Prerequisite or Concurrent: Evidence (does not apply to 1Ls).

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Wednesday 6:00 - 9:00 pm CCJ 3.336
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Pass/Fail Mandatory


Hines, William M. III Hines, William M. III