SMNR: Corporate and International Finance and Governance

This seminar is primarily interested in the legal aspects of three main subjects: corporate finance, corporate governance, and financial markets and institutions. This seminar differs from seminars on these subjects offered by business schools in that, among other things, this seminar is principally about law rather than finance. Students without any background in business or finance will be able to find many topics that they would be able to write about in a thoughtful way. The first portion of the seminar will be devoted to the discussion of selected readings. The precise content of this portion will vary from year to year. We might, for example, look at the forces that may have contributed to Enron, WorldCom, and other recent debacles in corporate governance; university- industry joint ventures; swaps and other derivatives; Internet-based financial services; the recent stock market bubble; or the international coordination of bank regulation. A major goal of these initial meetings will be to help students identify topics and organize their research. The balance of the seminar, being centered on the presentation of student papers, will reflect the wide range of interests and backgrounds that students bring to this seminar. A second draft of all papers will be required. The seminar grade will depend on the first draft, the oral presentation, the second draft, and class participation. No prior business or financial background is required. It is recommended (although not required) that students have taken or simultaneously take Business Associations, Business Associations (Enriched), or Corporations.

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Tuesday 3:30 - 5:20 pm TNH 3.127
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