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What is the National Broadband Plan? What is Universal Service? What is Net Neutrality and why are many network providers like AT&T against it? Can Google be barred from the iPhone? What is a natural monopoly and can there be such a thing on the Internet? Is Skype illegal, should it be? Can networks decide what content is available for you? Do they already? How would you know? If you are interested in how the law currently resolves technology and public policy issues related to the Internet, and how this area of law is going through rapid change, this class can give you a background on the current legal environment and will examine the issues and technologies which are re-shaping in "Internet time" the law. Students should not "be afraid" of technology. A computer and internet access is required. All reading assignments will be "on-line or by e-mail." There will be no text book. Grades will be: 10% Participation; 25% Mid-Term, 25% elective project or paper on a current event, and 40% Final Exam.

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Tuesday, Thursday 12:30 - 1:45 pm TNH 3.126
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Midterm 3/11/10 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm A-Z
Final 5/5/10 8:30 am A-Z

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Feldman, Lowell P Feldman, Lowell P