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Class Unique: 29320
For students who are interested in international practice and/or arbitration, and who need 1-hour credit: Professor Rau will be offering a “reading group” in arbitration in the Fall semester. This is likely to focus primarily on international commercial arbitration, but, depending on the interest of participants, need not be limited to it. The group will meet 7 times during the semester for a 2-hour period. Each session will have a theme for discussion (e.g., the choice of law; the implications of the choice of a “seat”; the selection of arbitrators and the composition of the arbitral tribunal; the imposition of arbitration on consumers and employees), and readings will be assigned on that theme which students will be expected to have read and be ready to talk about. There will be no exam or formal paper requirement or written assignment other than perhaps an occasional brief "reaction" to the reading. This is offered Pass/Fail; since there are only 7 class sessions, attendance has to be mandatory. The group is limited to 10 students. Students will be expected to have already taken, or to be taking simultaneously, some course in Arbitration or ADR; this requirement will only be waived in exceptional cases. The meeting day and time for the class is not written in stone but is just a starting point; since the class size will be small I am open to rescheduling at a time that is more convenient for everyone.

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Tuesday 2:30 - 4:30 pm JON 6.206
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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Pass/Fail Mandatory


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