Internship: D.C.

Class Unique: 29006
Credits: 10 Pass/Fail No scheduled meeting time. Registration Information This course is restricted to upper division students only. Internship – APPLICATION REQUIRED. Contact the instructor for information about applying. This clinical internship gives students the opportunity to work full-time in government, nonprofit and legislative offices located in Washington D.C. All field placements for this course involve work on federal law-related matters. Interns immerse themselves in practice, developing their professional skills and studying the role of lawyers and legal institutions in D.C. The course addresses topics relevant to public service lawyering in D.C., including professionalism, ethics, advocacy, access to justice, the legal profession, and the intersection of law and policy. Placement supervisors are experienced attorneys who expose students to the legal activities of their offices, oversee varied and demanding assignments, and provide regular feedback on student performance. Each student consults with the instructor to arrange his or her field placement, and each placement must be approved by the instructor prior to registration. Students are required to intern for 550 and may not receive a salary for their internship work. Students are required to complete a number of written assignments and maintain close contact with the instructor during the internship. Students must enroll in both the eight and two credit-hour sections. Interested students should email the instructor (Eden Harrington, to arrange a time to discuss the course.

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