SMNR: Tax Reform

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The Tax Reform Seminar will talk about changes to the Federal Tax system to improve the efficiency and fairness of the tax base in small and big ways. If the Presidential Campaigns, the Congress or the Administration initiate serious Tax Reform proposals during the course of this semester, we will warp plans and participate in the debates. The major graded responsibility (60%) will be a 35-40 page research paper, including both an initial draft and major revisions. But tax professionals need to be able to do Excel internal rate of return analysis of investments, both for policy analysis and investment decisions, and the first classes will teach internal rate of return from scratch. There is also some homework to help you digest the material. Classes will often be debates on controversial proposals, including 1. Resolved: Tax Reform is feasible in our Time 2. Resolved: The US should adopt a VAT or consumption tax to reduce or replace income tax 3. Resolved: Taxes should be less Progressive. 4. Resolved: Costs of Tax Planning should not be deductible. 5. Resolved: the U.S. should stop taxing foreign source income. Federal Income Tax is a prerequisite.

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Wednesday 3:45 - 5:35 pm JON 6.201
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  • Taxes in America - Burman & Slemrod
      Oxford , edition: 2014
      ISBN: 978-0-19-989026-2   (required)