Human Rights Advocacy, Advanced

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THU, FRI 9:00 - 10:30 am TNH 3.129

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NOTE: To apply, all interested students should send a transcript, resume, and letter of interest to the professor ( or his assistant, Sarah Cline ( . This course is designed for students who have already taken an introductory course, seminar or workshop in human rights. The Advanced Human Rights Advocacy course seeks to develop theoretical and practical skills, which could include issues related to supporting litigation of human rights claims in domestic and international fora; investigating and documenting human rights violations; supporting advocacy initiatives before United Nations, regional, and national human rights bodies; drafting amicus briefs and engaging with global and local human rights campaigns. Students also explore the intersection between theory and practice and address questions of ethical, political and professional accountability related to human rights work. The course will have three components: A. Human Rights advocacy theoretical issues: Several sessions will focus on readings in human rights advocacy. B. Practical projects: All students will work in one or more practical projects ordinarily involving all or some of the following elements: (1) a significant research component; (2) collaboration with a human rights organization; and (3) participation in some process such as a UN or Organization of American States (OAS) session, NGO investigation, advocacy campaign or court proceedings. C. Students lead reflections on human rights work: One or more students each week will present a brief, 3-5 page paper on her/his practical work experience. Other students will be required to review these papers and comment on them during class sessions. Grades will be based on the brief (3-5 pp.) paper reflecting on one or more aspects of the student's practical project(s), the work on the practical project (s) and participation in class discussions. Prerequisite: Human Rights in Latin America, International, Human Rights & Justice Workshop or Protection of Human Rights in International Law. Permission of the instructor is required to register. Spanish preferred. Enrollment is limited to 15 students.