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APPLICATION REQUIRED. See Student Affairs Office, TNH 2.117 This course consists of two components focused on public service lawyering: a 1- credit course and an internship for 3 credits (both graded pass/fail). Students must register for both components, earning a total of 4 credits. The class meets from June 5th - July 10th. Students must work at their internships during all of the weeks in which the class meets. It is expected that many internships will last beyond July 10th. The program sends students into public service practice to gain experiences that they reflect upon and analyze in class. Placement supervisors are experienced attorneys who are asked to provide students with broad exposure to the activities of their offices and varied, demanding assignments. The course will address topics relevant to the legal profession and becoming a lawyer, including legal ethics, access to justice, advocacy and communication skills, analysis of the lawyering role, etc. Course requirements include writing assignments, presentations, and supervision meetings with the instructor. Students must consult with the course instructor to develop their field placements at government offices and non-profit organizations. Prosecution and judicial internships do not qualify as placements for this course. An application (available in Student Affairs) and instructor approval is required prior to registration. Students are required to work for at least 180 hours at their internship, and the work must be spread over at least six weeks. Most students work more than the minimum number of hours. Student work must be completed by August 15th (unless special arrangements are made with the instructor). Each intern will arrange a mutually convenient work schedule with their supervising attorney. Students may not receive compensation (including a TLF stipend) for their work.