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ENVIRONMENTAL CLINIC – 6 credits (application required) Spring 2012 Taught by: Kelly Haragan Students must register for both 397C and 397D for a total of 6 hrs. In the Environmental Clinic, students work to improve environmental quality and protect the public health of low-income communities in Texas. The Clinic's projects are varied and have involved work in federal and state courts, before administrative agencies, and with elected officials. Past projects have included: preparing Clean Air Act citizen suits against petrochemical plants, representing a community challenging a new power plant air permit, improving public health protections around a Houston area Superfund site, and assisting a small city near El Paso with wastewater issues. Students perform a variety of tasks, such as: (1) consulting with and counseling clients; (2) researching and preparing letters, legal memoranda, discovery responses, written testimony, and other documents; (3) meeting with public and private officials; (4) organizing, participating in and/or attending public meetings; and (5) assisting in contested, trial-type permit proceedings. Clinic students work closely with the professor and local and national attorneys, community leaders, and government officials to provide needed legal services. Students must complete and document twelve to fifteen hours of clinical work per week during the semester, in addition to class meeting time. The Clinic will be graded on a pass/fail basis. The clinic class will meet for two hours per week. There is no prerequisite for the Clinic. In addition to selecting the Clinic during early registration, students must fill out a short application and submit a resume. The deadline for submitting applications is October 5. The deadline for early registration is October 7. To apply for the Clinic, please submit the clinic application and a resume to For additional information, please contact: Kelly Haragan (, 512-232-2654).