SMNR: Terrorism, Law and Policy

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WED 3:30 - 5:20 pm TNH 3.126

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This seminar explores the intersection of law and policy in relation to terrorism, with an emphasis both on the history of these topics and current events. The readings for the course largely will consist of books and excerpts of books, rather than traditional legal casebook-style materials. Examples of key texts in this seminar in the past have included John Merryman's The Dynamite Club, Beverly Gage's The Day Wall Street Exploded, Bruce Hoffman’s Inside Terrorism, the 9/11 Commission Report, Steve Coll’s Ghost Wars, Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower, Jack Goldsmith’s The Terror Presidency, Ben Wittes’s Detention and Denial, and Jane Mayer’s The Dark Side. We also will read a substantial number of shorter articles and essays drawn from an array of disciplines. Participants will not be asked to write research papers; instead, participants will respond to the readings in writing throughout the semester—and will also be expected to react to one another’s responses—through the medium of a blog that I will design for this purpose. Lively participation in the seminar discussion, of course, also is a central expectation. Any student who has previously taken "Law & Terrorism" is not eligible to enroll in this seminar.