Negotiating Petroleum Agreements

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MON 1:50 - 3:40 pm TNH 2.138

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ENROLLMENT RESTRICTED TO LL.M. STUDENTS (BOTH INTL & U.S.). Negotiating Petroleum Agreements for Foreign Lawyers 1 Credit Hour Professor Owen L. Anderson Eugene Kuntz Chair of Oil, Gas & Natural Resources George Lynn Cross Research Professor University of Oklahoma Visiting Professor University of Texas This course is specially designed for LL.M. students. Students will be assigned readings to prepare them for negotiating particular contractual provisions included in various kinds of petroleum contracts used in the international petroleum sector. Some negotiations will be largely commercial, some largely legal, and some may involve settlement negotiations. The course will also teach basic contract drafting skills. The first class will concentrate on basic negotiation principles and techniques. Thereafter, most classes will involve negotiation exercises, with students negotiating for approximately the first half of the class, including preparation time, followed by a comparison of negotiating outcomes among the negotiating teams, including a critical analysis of negotiating techniques used by the students, in the second half of the class period. The class will be limited to 20 LL.M. students or a lesser even number of students. Since students will be evaluated on their progress in developing negotiating skills, class attendance is mandatory. Students will only be excused from one class and then only for good cause. Please do not enroll in the class if you know that you will need to miss a class. The class will meet for two hours, every other week, with assigned readings in the interim to prepare for the next negotiation. The class will meet on the following days of the Spring Semester for two hours: January 14; January 28; February 11; February 25; March 18; April 1; April 15; and April 29. Because Professor Anderson commutes to Austin from Oklahoma, it is possible that classes may have to be rescheduled to other Mondays, so please do not enroll in this class if you are unable to meet on Mondays other than these mentioned; however, there will be no class on January 21, Martin Luther King Day, or March 11, which is during UT Spring Break. Materials: Certain reading materials to prepare you for your negotiation will be handed out in class to read ahead of each negotiation class. In addition, students should read the following first two books and use the third book as a reference: Jeswald W. Salacuse, Seven Secrets for Negotiating with Government (Amacon 2008) Roger Fisher, William Ury & Bruce Patton, Getting to Yes, Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In (Penquin 2011) Howard Darmstadter, Hereof, Thereof, and Everywhereof (ABA 2002) All of these books are short and are easy, enjoyable reads. Assessment: Students will be evaluated and graded on their progress in developing negotiating and drafting skills. Priority in registration: Priority will be given to those LLMs who have not already taken (or who are not currently enrolled in) 346K, Negotiations.