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MON, TUE 9:05 - 10:20 am TNH 2.123

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Final exam May 4, 2016 1:30 pm 2.139


Oil and Gas Law provides an overview of U.S. oil and gas law. Students will gain an understanding of basic oil and gas law principles, derived from a combination of property, contract, administrative, tort, and constitutional law. The course provides a unique opportunity to take a law course that cuts across several core law-school subjects and from the perspective of a particular business—oil and gas, a business that deals with the most widely traded and strategically important commodity and that has important customs and practices that influence both contract and law. The law of all producing states will be considered with emphasis on Texas and Oklahoma, the two states with large bodies of oil and gas case law and that most often provide divergent views on various oil and gas issues. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Materials: KUNTZ, LOWE, ANDERSON & SMITH, CASES AND MATERIALS ON OIL & GAS LAW (6th ed. Thomson/West 2012) and accompanying Forms Manual. Note that both books are also required for Oil & Gas Contracts (Advanced Oil and Gas Law), which will likely be offered in a future semester. Casebook Assignments: Ordinarily, reading approximately 30 pages per class will more than keep pace with classroom discussion. Sometimes more reading may be necessary where you encounter large excerpts of non-case materials. Class Attendance: Students are expected to keep pace with the readings and be prepared to participate in class discussions. The final examination will address materials covered in class. Thus, students who regularly miss class will be greatly disadvantaged. Course Grade: The final examination will determine your primary course grade. Your grade may be adjusted up one grade increment for thoughtful, voluntary class participation. Final Examination: Unless otherwise indicated, the final examination will cover all subject areas discussed and assigned over the course of the semester, including assigned reading and supplemental classroom information. The format and the nature of the exam will be announced later but you should anticipate an open-book exam. That is you will be able to use your casebook, forms manual, and class handouts, as well as hard copies of your class notes and an outline that you personally prepared. No other materials may be consulted during the exam. You may not use your laptop, your mobile phone, or other electronic device and you may not access the internet during the exam.

Textbooks ( * denotes required )

Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law *
Lowe et al.
West , edition: 6th
Forms Manual Accompanying Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law *
Lowe et al.
West , edition: 6th


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