SMNR: Artificial Intelligence and Other Emerging Technologies: Legal and Policy Issues

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TUE 5:45 - 7:35 pm TNH 3.114

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This course is innovative and cutting edge; it will require students to be so as well. The law in the areas we will be considering is either non-existent or nascent. There will be plenty of opportunity to think about how existing laws might be adapted to meet the regulatory and policy needs relevant to these emerging technologies. The topics covered in class will include privacy, robots and personhood, superintelligent artificial intelligent systems, criminal and civil liability arising from emerging technologies, driverless cars, synthetic biology, post-humanism and the Singularity (cloning, biotech, prosthetics and other innovation); Job loss and the Abundance Society, Lethal Autonomous weapons, General regulatory issues (Companies, internal governance, self-regulation and governmental/uber-national regulation), International law and politics, and Drones. Students will have an opportunity to participate, if the decision is made to create one, in a law journal which would be the first in this emerging field of legal study.

Textbooks ( * denotes required )

A Legal Theory for Autonomous Artificial Agents *
Chopra & White
Michigan Press , edition: 2011
ISBN: 0472051458
The Law of Robots: Crimes, Contracts & Torts *
Springer , edition: 2013
ISBN: 9400765630
Robot Ethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Robotics *
Lin, Abney & Bekey
MIT Press , edition: 2014
ISBN: 0262526005
Bioethics and the Law *
Dolgin & Shepherd
Aspen , edition: 3rd 2013
ISBN: 1454810766


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