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MON 3:55 - 5:25 pm TNH 3.126


For more information about the Legislative Internship Program, see: The Texas Legislature will be in session during the spring of 2015, which provides unique educational opportunities. Student interns will participate in the legislative process by working on legal issues in offices connected to the Legislature. Students may intern with the Lieutenant Governor's Office, a Senator's office, a Representative's office, a committee office, the Legislative Council, or a legislative agency. A student must engage in law-related work under the supervision of an attorney with at least two years’ experience who agrees to participate as a supervisor in our program. Students will meet as a class for an orientation session at the beginning of the semester, and several times later in the semester to discuss topics relevant to the legislative process and their internship experiences. Class meetings will likely be held in the evenings. Course requirements also include short writing assignments and individual meetings with the course instructor. Students are required to work in their internship placements for at least 170 hours during the regular semester. Each intern will arrange a mutually convenient work schedule with his or her supervising attorney. Applying: An application (available on the program website) and instructor approval are required prior to registration. Before applying, a student must identify a legislative office and supervising attorney willing to host the student, and specify the proposed internship placement and supervising attorney in the application. An instructor will contact the student's proposed supervisor to discuss the program and invite the attorney to participate. Information about legislative offices interested in receiving internship applications will be posted on Symplicity and a list will be maintained on the internship program website. Students are also welcome to pursue other placements and to contact Professor Lucy Wood to discuss possible placements. Please review the course page on the clinical website. Students who have previously received credit through the Nonprofit or Government Internship courses for an internship are eligible to enroll in this course. Credits: 3 (graded pass/fail)

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