Texas Marital Relations and Divorce

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THU 8:40 - 9:30 am JON 6.207/8
FRI 8:40 - 10:20 am JON 6.207/8

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This course is a survey of Texas laws pertaining to marriage, children, divorce and marital property issues and rights that arise from marriage relationships. The course will essentially be on two different tracks: one taught during the one-hour class on Thursdays, and the other taught during the two-hour class on Fridays.  Professor Sampson will usually lead the classes on Monday, and his track will include marriage laws, premarital and marital agreements and parent-child issues.  Professor Wilhite will usually lead the classes on Fridays, and his track will include Texas community property laws, specifically the rights married couples have in property accumulated while married, including characterizing all forms of property and income, management rights over marital property, liability of marital property, homestead laws, marital property exempt from creditors, dividing & confirming marital property, valuing assets & liabilities, establishing claims  affecting division & confirmation, reimbursement claims and tax issues in marital property. The course will cover negotiation strategies & techniques, and will include an overview of the essential elements of an Agreement Incident to Divorce & Final Decree of Divorce.