Const Law II: The Constitution and the Modern Presidency

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MON, TUE 2:15 - 3:30 pm JON 5.206/7

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This is a Constitutional Law II course, taking up issues presented by the presidency in our current time.  Our focus will be from the cradle (the Electoral College) to the grave (impeachment). Beyond the electoral college and the impeachment process, among the issues we will consider will be: the Emoluments Clause(s),  emergency powers, executive orders, and the division of labor between Congress and the President; the press, the Presdent and free speech; the civil liability and vulnerability to criminal prosecution of a sitting President; the scope and limits of the pardon power; the Presdident in foreign affairs, including foreign sanctions, treaty abrogation, travel bans and immigration more generally; federalism and the Presdent, including sanctuary cities and the executive condititioning of federal expenditures; and the recess appointment authority of the President. Students will write several short papers reacting to the materials we take up, and one longer paper.  The longer paper may be written in conjunction with participation on one of the student journals.  Grades will be based on class participation and the submitted papers.