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MON, WED 12:00 - 1:21 pm TNH 3.142

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This course will be taught in person but with the option of remote participation via Zoom.  Please note that this course might become online-only in the event that actual in-person attendance during the semester consistently falls below a threshold to be determined in the exercise of reasonable discretion by the instructor and the Student Affairs Office.

A practice-oriented approach to copyright law, covering the basics, from subject matter, scope of exclusive rights, publication, duration (including renewal and statutory termination) to secondary liability and multi-national copyright issues. Class sessions and readings are informed by the professor's 35+ years of experience in litigating and transacting copyright matters- including ungraded drafting exercises, coverage of additional non-coursebook material drawn from real world experience in counseling, analyzing and lawyering complex copyright matters in a variety of fields.   We will explore traditional "literary property" and actual industry licensing practices, navigate the maze of web-based content delivery systems and legal issues,  develop a tool set for conducting due diligence and devote time to litigation and transaction strategies that demand fluency in the law as well as insight into the practice of the law.

The objective is not only to provide students with a working understanding of the law, including some of the arcana of copyright practice, but to develop a framework for students to analyze and address copyright from the perspective of a working practitioner in the field. This course can serve as both a basic introduction to the field as well as a platform for exploration of more in-depth study. 

Textbooks ( * denotes required )

Copyright Cases and Materials *
Gorman, Robert, Ginsburg, Jane, and Reese, R.
West Academic , edition: 9
ISBN: 978-1-63459-303-8
Copyright : Cases and Materials, 9th, 2020 Case Supplement and Statutory Appendix *
Ginsburg, Jane C. and Reese, R. Anthony
West Academic , edition: 2020
ISBN: 978-1-68467-948-5


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