Partnership Tax

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MON, WED, FRI 12:00 - 12:54 pm ONLINE

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This course will be taught entirely online via Zoom.

Prerequisite: Law 254J, 354J, 454J, 554J, (Federal Income Taxation) 254N, or 354N (Federal Income Taxation A).

The course covers the taxation of partnerships, limited liability companies and S corporations, the most common forms of business organizations that involve a single level of tax. Most business entities with non-publicly traded interests take one of these forms; almost all such entities should take one of these forms. The rules on partnership tax also are increasingly relevant to a corporate and international practice as partnerships are used for corporate and international joint ventures and as vehicles for mergers and acquisitions. The course is essential for anyone who intends to practice in tax. It is useful for anyone who intends to practice in an area involving significant business planning.

Textbooks ( * denotes required )

Fundamentals of Partnership Taxation *
Schwarz, Stephen, Lathrope, Daniel J., and Hellwig, Brant J.
West Academic , edition: 11
ISBN: 978-1-64242-877-3
The Logic of Subchapter K, a Conceptual Guide to the Taxation of Partnerships *
Cunningham, Laura E. and Cunningham, Noel B.
West Academic , edition: 6
ISBN: 978-1-64242-979-4


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