The Lawyer as Advisor: Case Studies in Practical Lawyering and Counseling

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THU 4:15 - 6:05 pm TNH 3.127

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This course will be taught in person, with no remote participation.

This class provides practical training in the art and craft of formulating legal advice, solving thorny problems, giving sage and reasoned counsel, and sets conditions for success in the real world.  Students will work through the analysis of case studies that involve difficult legal, institutional, and personal stakes.  Many of the case studies will be drawn from military settings, and at times may offer a glimpse into some of the distinctive challenges that arise in that environment.  The lessons of the course, however, are entirely applicable to the practice of law in all other settings and beyond.  In addition to participation in highly-interactive class sessions, students will be expected to complete a series of written analyses of multilayered, real-world-based fact patterns.  The course will contemplate nuanced and complex issues involving international law, ethics, criminal law, leadership, the digital-age, litigation, management, administrative law, investigations, and more.

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