Space Law and Policy: International Cooperation and Competition

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TUE 6:25 - 8:13 pm ONLINE

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Final exam (administered by Faculty Coordinator) May 12, 2021


This course will be taught entirely online via Zoom.

Come explore emerging space-related issues currently under discussion internationally and domestically! The course will blend lecture, discussion, and group work in a seminar-like format. We will examine the following topics:

Week 1: Introduction to the course and the basics of space law   Weeks 2&3:  The Yin & Yang of Space: Peaceful Purposes and National Security issues   Weeks 4&5: Can we get there from here? Orbital Debris, Space Situational Awareness, and Space Traffic Management   Weeks 6&7: Norms Development: Bottom up, top down, and points in the middle   Weeks 8&9: Micro -> Macro: very small sats and very large constellations   Weeks 10&11: In Situ Resource Utilization   Weeks 12&13: Bilaterals, Multilaterals, and the role of consensus   The exam will be a take home final. 

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ISBN: 978-0-8400-9999-0


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