The International Law of Cyber Conflict

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FRI, SAT 9:30 am - 5:00 pm TNH 2.140

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Take-home exam 9-24 hrs (administered by Faculty Coordinator) May 6, 2022


Same as LAW 279P, The International Law of Cyber Conflict.

This course is an introduction to how international law applies to hostile cyber activities by States and non-State actors during both peacetime and armed conflict.  Topics addressed range from sovereignty in cyberspace to cyber operations during armed conflict.  It also addresses the responses available to States -- such as retorsion, countermeasures, necessity, and self-defense -- when responding to hostile cyber operations.  The course draws on the Tallinn Manual 2.0 project, which resulted in a restatement of the law drafted over seven years by an international group of experts. The instructor directed that effort and is currently leading the Tallinn Manual 3.0 project, due for completion in late 2025.


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