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This internship program offers students the opportunity to apply for a  “for-credit” internship position with the Federal Public Defender's Service for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division. You must first submit a application to me and to Mr. Horatio Aldredge. The application deadline for the 2023-2024 academic year is March of 2023. Interested students are usually interviewed during Spring break. You will know whether you have been accepted into the program before fall registration, but the uique number for the internship will not be available until April of 2023.

Information on the Federal Public Defender Office is available at: Your supervising attorney will be Supervisory Assistant Federal Public Defender Horatio R. Aldredge. You will assist Mr. Aldredge and other attorneys in his office in the defense of federal criminal cases. While the internship requires a 10 hour per week commitment, not all of those hours need to be done at the Fed. Public Defender’s office - many can be done at the law school or at home. However, you wil probably want to go in to the office, in downtown Austin, once a week.


Students earn 4 credits (pass/fail) over two semesters (2 credits per semester) – offered Fall and Spring every year. Students generally must commit to a full academic year of internship study, though occasionally the office is willing to supervise an intern for a single long semester. This is not available during either summer session.  Third year students are generally preferred, though second year students have successfully competed for one of these two positions in the past. Students are encouraged to also enroll in eiither the Fall three-unit Adv. Fed.  Crim. Prosecution and Defense seminar, co-taught by Professors Susan Klein and Aleza Remis, Asst. Dep. Chief of the Fraud Div. at the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Texas, or and to take the three-unit Federal Criminal Law course taught by Prof. Susan Klein, but neither is required. Enrolling in one of the criminal procedure courses is also helpful, but not required.


Students interested in the internship for the 2023-2024 academic year should visit with Prof. Susan Klein by calling her at (512) 203-2257, e-mailing her at, or visiting her office in Townes Hall, room number 3.207.  You may obtain additional information from my assistant Nick Charlsworth, telephone (512) 232-2292, e-mail  Alternatively, you may send Prof. Aldredge an e-mail at



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