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Negotiation is one of the primary skills used by lawyers in the daily practice of law. This course is designed to help students develop and refine practical negotiation skills. More specifically, this course fosters understanding of the psychological dynamics of the negotiation process, evaluates methods of reaching agreements, and offers an opportunity for each student to receive evaluations of his or her own negotiating skills. Students engage in simulated negotiations concerning a common problem such as sale of real estate, settlement of a lawsuit, or a contract negotiation. Some of these negotiations will be videotaped and discussed in class by the instructor.

ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED AT ALL CLASSES. There will be no final exam. Grades will be determined on the basis of performance in the negotiation exercises, written assignments, class participation, and improvement in negotiation skills. Only students who are willing to commit sufficient time to work on the out-of-class negotiation problems should enroll for this course.