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TUE, THU 9:05 - 10:20 am JON 5.206

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Final exam December 18, 2024
Midterm exam


This course focuses on real contracts with real risks.  During the course we will study a guaranty, a promissory note, a deed of trust and an assignment.  These are commonly used agreements in financing.  A prominent local law firm has provided these materials for our use in class.  We will also study a merger agreement, an asset acquisition agreement and a joint venture agreement.  The merger, joint venture and asset acquisition agreement were prepared by committees of the American Bar Association  ("ABA").  We will also study a confidentiality agreement, non-compete agreement, a waiver of liability and several other commonly used agreements.  Finally, we will study an intellectual property license.  

This course highlights the liabilities in each agreement.  This course could also be called "everything you always wanted to know about commercial liabilities, but were afraid to ask."  However, we do not study commercial terms, such as profit.   

Prerequisite: First year torts and first year contracts.   Business Associations will also be helpful, but is not a prerequisite. 

Please note, the three documents provided by the ABA are over 750 pages long total.  These three documents are usually well-represented on the final exam.  The ABA documents are also heavily commented by the drafters.  In addition to the ABA documents, we study several other documents that are lengthy and dense.  So, it is important that you come to each class well-prepared.  

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