SMNR: Remedies and Politics

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MON 3:55 - 5:45 pm TNH 3.129

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This seminar will study contemporary cases and controversies involving Remedies (i.e., what an injured person receives after liability is determined or presumed). The seminar will build on topics you likely covered in your torts and contracts classes (measuring damages, restitution) and some topics that you may not have studied in detail (rescission, injunctions) though you may have addressed in other classes. We will also explore topics you may never have viewed as being a remedy (attorney’s fees), defenses to remedies (unclear hands, mitigation), and topics you may never have studied though you likely have seen mentioned in cases you have read in other classes (contempt and declaratory judgments).

The seminar will focus on remedies that have been implicated in lawsuits involving the former President of the United States (FPOTUS) and people in his orbit. While the title of this course includes the word “politics” this will not be a partisan course and class discussions will not involve election law or political action committees. Instead, we will consider the types of remedies that plaintiffs have sought (or have been awarded) in lawsuits involving FPOTUS+ orbit.

Evaluation for the seminar will be based on a series of assessments, including class participation, Canvas postings, and a final paper (including a first draft).

Textbooks ( * denotes required )

Contemporary Remedies and Restitution *
Kovacic-Fleischer, Candace, Hayden, Paul, and Nelson, Grant
West Academic , edition: 1
ISBN: 978-1-64708-144-7


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