Calvin H Johnson

Calvin H Johnson

  • John T. Kipp Chair in Corporate and Business Law

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   Calvin Johnson holds the John T. Kipp Chair in Corporate and Business Law.  He teaches and writes often in the areas of federal tax policy and less often in accounting policy.  He helps to run the Shelf Project, which is a colaboration of tax professionals to develop ideas to improve the fairness and efficiency of the federal tax system.  He has been a Fellow at the Tax Policy Center in Washington, a Visiting Professor at the Office of Chief Counsel, IRS,  a member of Academic Advisers to the U.S. Congress Joint Committee on Taxation, a Distinguished Visitor at the Vanderbilt Law School, a member of the IRS Commissioner's Advisory Group and a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Instittuion. Professor Johnson is also the author of Righteous Anger at the Wicked States: The Meaning of the Founders' Constitution (Cambridge University Press 2005) and writes on the 1787-88 history of the constitution.   He came to Texas after starting teaching at Rutgers Law School (Newark).  Prior to teaching, Professor Johnson worked for the Office of Tax Policy of the U.S. Treasury Department and the Paul Weiss law firm in New York City.  He is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Columbia College.   He has a Purple Heart awarded for combat in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. 

Professional Activities


December 31, 2011

Fellow, Tax Policy Center

Washington, D.C

Tax Policy Center is joint program of Urban Institute and Brookings Institution. I Will be working on the Shelf Project which is collaboration to raise revenue in ways that improve economic efficiency and reduce economic waste