Raoul D Schonemann

Raoul D Schonemann

  • Clinical Professor -- Capital Punishment Clinic

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Raoul Schonemann is a clinical professor and co-director of the Capital Punishment Clinic. Since 1991, he has represented people facing the death penalty in Texas, California, Alabama, and Georgia, and at every stage of the state and federal court system. Prior to joining the law school, he was employed as a staff attorney at the Texas Resource Center in Austin; as a deputy public defender at the Office of the State Public Defender in San Francisco; and as the managing attorney of the Capital Litigation Unit at the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta.

Mr. Schonemann has been actively involved in efforts to improve the quality of legal representation in capital cases. In 2000, he was a co-author of “The Fair Defense Report: Analysis of Indigent Defense Practices in Texas,” which analyzed then-prevailing practices in indigent defense cases and ultimately contributed to the passage of the Texas Fair Defense Act in 2001. In 2003, he served as a consultant to the American Bar Association in its revision of the “Guidelines for the Appointment and Performance of Counsel in Death Penalty Cases.”

Mr. Schonemann graduated from Washington University in 1985, earning a B.A. in history with honors. He received his J.D from New York University School of Law in 1989, where he served as an articles editor of the New York University Review of Law and Social Change. From 1989-91, Mr. Schonemann was a Prettyman Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center, where he taught and supervised students in the Juvenile Justice Clinic. He received an L.L.M. degree from Georgetown in 1994.

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