Richard S. Markovits

  • John B. Connally Chair


  • PhD University of London
  • LLB Yale
  • BA Cornell

Professor Markovits teaches and writes in the areas of antitrust, law and economics, constitutional law and jurisprudence. He is the author of articles in the Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, Stanford Law Review and elsewhere as well as the book Matters of Principle: Legitimate Legal Argument and Constitutional Interpretation (NYU, 1998). He created the Law School's nationally recognized course on "Legal Scholarship," designed to prepare future law teachers. He came to Texas from Stanford Law School in 1976.

Recent Publications

  • The General Theory of Second Best and Economic-Efficiency Analysis: The Theory, Its Negative Corollaries, the Appropriate Response to It, and a Coda on the Economic Efficiency of Reducing Poverty and Income/Wealth Inequality [Symposium: Law and Socio-Economics], 49 Akron Law Review 437 (2016).
  • Economics and the Interpretation and Application of U.S. and E.U. Antitrust Law: A Summary, 61 Antitrust Bulletin 3 (2016).
  • Economics and Antitrust Law: A Comment on the Other Contributions to This Symposium, 61 Antitrust Bulletin 198 (2016).

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