William F. Stutts

  • Adjunct Professor


  • JD University of Virginia

Bill Stutts, a partner in Baker Botts L.L.P. in Austin, teaches "Regulation of Financial Markets." He received his J.D. from the University of VIrginia in 1976, where he was Executive Editor of the Virginia Law Review. During his earlier undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Austin, he was a Junior Fellow (dissertation: "The Rhetoric and Ideology of Class in Texas Populism, 1887- 1899"; it has been verified that at least four persons have read that dissertation, not counting Mr. Stutts and his mother). During some sessions at the University of Texas Law School, he has also taught "Money Transfers, Money Laundering and Terrorist FInancing" as a seminar course.

To the almost total stupefication of his spouse, he was recognied by the UT Student Bar Association as Adjunct Professor of the Year at the law school for academic year 2012-2013. He is a fellow of the American Law Institute and of the American College of Investment Counsel, and is active in the American Bar Association.

His research interests include bankruptcy, the intersection of bank (or credit institution) insolvency and bankruptcy regimes, banking regulation and resolution in emerging economies, cross-border financing and enforcement, and the methods and mechanics of countering terrorist financing and impeding money laundering. His most-recently published article that did not contain a footnote to a motion picture was "Of Herring and Sausage: Nordic Responses to Banking Crises as Examlples for the United States." (His co-author for that piece was Wesley Watts, who spent far too many hours speaking with Norwegian and Swedish banking regulators.)